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VITEC’s Modular Blade Encoding Systems are professional, carrier-grade platforms that compress, transcode and stream video at broadcast quality and in a wide variety of bit rates. These highly flexible modular systems meet the diverse needs of Enterprise, Venues, Broadcast, Military and Government.


  • Replacement of legacy Cable TV Systems with efficient IPTV
  • Enterprise and Corporate IPTV Distribution
  • Full motion video dissemination for Situational Awareness and ISR Video
  • Video Monitoring and Video Confidence
  • Telco IPTV Distribution
  • Terrestrial and Mobile TV
  • Training and Distance learning


MGES 7000
Market Leading High Density 4K/UHD/HD HEVC & H.264 IPTV Encoding Blade - the highest density available on the market
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MGES 6000
Broadcast-quality HD/SD H.264 Quad-Input IPTV Encoder enables Blade Systems to serve up to 104, 48 and eight IPTV channels
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E38 series
Stream high-quality, live and pre-recorded low latency video content over IP.
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Managed chassis

IPTV Blade System
Award-winning VITEC Blade Systems compress, transcode and stream video at broadcast quality and at a wide variety of bit rates.
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