SDM290ex - Standard Definition Broadcast Decoder


Standard Definition Broadcast Decoder


  • Single channel SD MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 decoder
  • Decodes full MPEG 4:2:2 profile or MP@ML (4:2:0) up to 50Mbps
  • SDI, YPbPr, RGB, S-video and Composite outputs
  • 8 x SDI embedded and 2 x AES3 digital audio outputs plus 2 x balanced and 2x unbalanced analog audio outputs
  • Closed captioning, Genlock, LTC and RS-422 (control & device)
  • PCIe card (1 lane), Multiboard support, Stradis SDK
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Stradis SDM290ex is a rock solid and fully featured hardware-based SD decoder that is suitable for the most demanding professional applications. It decodes MPEG 4:2:2 profiles at up to 50 Mbps and provides continuous, frame-accurate back-to-back playback of all standard MPEG2 streams. For maximum flexibility, Stradis SDM290ex features several video outputs including SD-SDI (SMPTE259M), RGB/analog YPbPr, S-Video and composite . On the audio side, it decodes up to 8 embedded audio channels over SDI in addition to outputting AES3 digital audio and both balanced and unbalanced analog audio.

The Stradis SDK/API developer kit allows one or several Stradis SDM290ex decoder cards to be integrated and controlled into a video system quickly and easily. It provides a full control of the features and supports synchronized playback across all cards. SDK/API compatibility is ensured across the complete Stradis product range allowing a seamless upgrade to a different decoder.

Through a machine control interface (RS-422), the Stradis SDM290ex can be configured as either a controller or a device.


  • Broadcast
  • Digital signage
  • Entertainment

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