VITEC - Video Wall Processors - A ll - in - one modular, configurable, integrated platform

VITEC - Video Wall Processors - A ll - in - one modular, configurable, integrated platform
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Video Wall Processors

A ll - in - one modular, configurable, integrated platform


  • Modular frames with configurable input / output interface cards
  • Supports all major video/audio formats: VGA, DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDBaseT and IPTV
  • Directly decodes live IPTV streams - H.264 SD/HD and HEVC SD/HD/4K
  • Supports custom output resolutions to project on any size and aspect ratio video wall
  • Intuitive video wall layout authoring and management software
  • 100% hardware-based processing ensures reliable, smooth, synchronous video and graphics rendering
  • TAA compliant
  • API for integration with 3rd party control systems such as Crestron, AMX, Atlona and mobile devices
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VITEC’s family of Video Wall Processors feature modular, configurable frames with all the input and output options for any video and audio source and hardware-based video rendering to ensure smooth, synchronized playback of IPTV and file-based content 365x24x7. VITEC’s offering for end-points and video processors features a full range of professional-grade, hardware-based digital video players for playback of live IPTV streams, video-on-demand content, engaging digital signage content and eye-catching video walls. Integrated with VITEC’s EZ TV Platform – all end-points and video processors are controlled and operated from a central management interface for the day-to-day administration of content, schedules and user access rights. This single point of management simplifies the complexity and costs associated with the initial deployment of an advanced IPTV, signage and dynamic video wall solution and ensures that the system is intuitive to operate, maintain, and scale up to constantly enhance the user experience.


  • Corporate TV and company communications
  • TV over IP - distributing Cable / Satellite TV / local channels
  • Situational Awareness video and dissemination of Tactical Full-Motion-Video (FMV)
  • RF Cable Replacement - cost-effective transition to TV over IP with VOD and Desktop Playback
  • Sports Arenas and Stadiums - management and distribution of live camera feeds, TV content
  • VOD assets and Digital Signage to TV's, mobile devices and PCs
  • Video Confidence and Real-Time Monitoring
  • Training and Education
  • Distribution of private content, live TV, 3rd party streams with virtual DVR and VOD features at Broadcast Centers
  • Powering large Video Walls using hardware-based processors that blend files and IPTV streams into a rich canvas

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