VITEC - Video Streaming to Mobile Devices - Extend the Reach of IPTV Content to Mobile Devices

VITEC - Video Streaming to Mobile Devices - Extend the Reach of IPTV Content to Mobile Devices
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Video Streaming to Mobile Devices

Extend the Reach of IPTV Content to Mobile Devices


  • Seamless integration with EZ TV allows operators to quickly provision video streams for multiple wired and wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets, all from a centralized web-based portal
  • Integrated iPhone, iPad and Android EZ TV Player apps provide full channel guide synchronization and user authentication
  • A selection of existing IPTV streams can be made available to devices at any time without affecting existing service
  • Supports both H.264 and HEVC compression formats as input and output streams
  • Automatically identifies wired and wireless device types and serves the appropriate stream format
  • SDK for integration of the EZ TV IPTV mobile player and content guide into your own app
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EZ TV's Multi-Screen Streaming Server add-on enables video groups to easily extend the reach of their IPTV system to phones, tablets and other devices used by local or remote users. The Multi-Screen Streaming Servers can be rapidly deployed and seamlessly integrated to any VITEC EZ TV environment and form a private, secure, content distribution network (CDN) that can scale from single site to multiple sites and manage network bandwidth smartly while delivering high quality H.264 and HEVC video streams to any user and any device.

Create your own private IPTV content distribution network (CDN) and deliver live content to mobile devices using the Enterprise WiFi network and to remote users’ TVs, PCs and Mobile devices over VPN/WAN connections. The EZ TV Mobile Player application is a powerful, user-friendly app for smart phones and tablets that enables enterprise network users to access live and on-demand content. IPTV content can be delivered via unicast or mutlicast to any iOS, Android or Windows Mobile device with minimal latency. The EZ TV app also supports VITEC's military-grade AES 128/256-bit encryption for securing sensitive video content.

VITEC's Multi-Screen Streaming Servers can be deployed as physical servers or as virtual machines and can be positioned at the HQ and at the edge remote sites such that users who require access to live IPTV streams are served from a nearby server as opposed to maxing out available up-link bandwidth at the HQ by requesting content from a single location.


  • Enterprise IPTV directly to employees mobile devices
  • Stream News and Business TV content to remote users
  • Stream Situational Awareness Video to the Field
  • Corporate communications to any type of screen – TV, PC and Mobile
  • In-Venue live streaming for Sports and Entertainment 

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