VITEC - Media Library - Simplify Media Management

VITEC - Media Library - Simplify Media Management
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Media Library

Simplify Media Management


  • Enables news and media professionals to tag, edit, organize, store, search and share media files
  • Saves time and improves live stream recording, archiving workflows and asset retrieval using powerful tools such as visual search and queries based on meta-data
  • Accessible from a unified, enterprise-grade, user-friendly HTML5 interface
  • Virtual project sharing and viewing of video, audio and metadata using HTML5-ready proxy files enables any user from any location using any device to access content with network bandwidth efficiency in mind
  • Optimized for deployment and use in thin-client and zero-client IT environments
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EZ TV Media Library is a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution for enterprise users to manage digital video content, quickly find needed footage and collaborate with peers regarding those assets efficiently. With the rapid adoption of video streaming and recording workflows, organizations increasingly face challenges related to effectively storing, searching, and playing back valuable assets. Corporate in-house digital media teams, news and media broadcasters as well as sports and training facilities generate a constant flow of digital video assets and manage vast amounts of live streams and recorded content. They all require a user-friendly interface for archiving live video, running simple and advanced queries to find certain scenes and playing content easily from any device.


  • Interactive collaboration and project sharing have never been so easy
  • Manipulate media via the web with video editing tools in real-time
  • Time saving features like visual search help meet important deadlines
  • Easy to manage large amounts of assets that accumulate in news and media organizations

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