VITEC - MGW Vision - 4K/UHD HEVC Encoder for IPTV

VITEC - MGW Vision - 4K/UHD HEVC Encoder for IPTV

MGW Vision

4K/UHD HEVC Encoder for IPTV


  • Hardware based HEVC encoding far faster, power efficient processing
  • 4K60 encoding – capture all pixels and all frames to produce the perfect picture
  • Encodes single UHD source or 4x1080p HD sources
  • Encoding Profiles: Main 8bit 4:2:0 and 10bit 4:2:2
  • Records compressed content to File in parallel to live streaming
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MGW Vision provides 4K IPTV and point-to-point distribution streaming for several markets including broadcasting, in-house IPTV, and enterprise market — anywhere ultra-high definition is critical. Featuring a compact form factor, this IPTV solution is designed with low-latency, which is especially important for live events. It provides one channel of 4K or four channels of HD. MGW Vision produces picture perfect in-house distribution of 4K content to IPTV players with easy integration to 4K streaming at sports and entertainment venues and live event broadcasts filmed with 4k cameras.

With the significant increase in deployed UHD TV sets and UHD content growth, users are looking for real-time UHD encoding for streaming and distribution. The MGW Vision provides real-time hardware encoding of 4K HEVC video in broadcast quality at various bit-rates for all IPTV applications. The MGW Vision processes uncompressed Ultra High Definition signals with up to 4 times the pixel count of current HD sources and encodes it to IP streams using the most advanced compression technology – HEVC (H.265).

With its wide range of encoding tools and compression settings MGW Vision enables users to stream broadcast quality UHD/HD video and save up to 50% on network bandwidth utilization compared to today's H.264 standards. MGW Vision uses a high quality 4:2:2 chroma sampling and 10-bit encoding to deliver premium content to displays, PC players and mobile devices for any video application.


  • Broadcasting Live Events filmed with 4K Cameras 
  • Real-Time streaming of 4K Sports Game within Sports Arenas and stadiums
  • In-house distribution of 4K content to IPTV players

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