MGW Pico TOUGH - Rugged HD/SD H.264 Encoder


Rugged HD/SD H.264 Encoder


  • Ultra-small Rugged HD/SD H.264 encoder
  • SDI and Composite inputs
  • 2 Encoding channels
  • Low latency HD/SD Streaming
  • KLV / STANAG metadata processing for ISR
  • Available as an OEM board for integrators
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MGW Pico TOUGH is the world's smallest, most power-efficient rugged MPEG-4 H.264 HD/SD video encoder. Designed to meet the growing demand for real-time imagery in the most demanding environments the MGW Pico TOUGH appliance packs all the needed capabilities for any Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensor or Situational Awareness (SA) video in an ultra-small airborne and marine certified enclosure.

The unit supports simultaneous encoding and streaming of analog and HD-SDI sources, asynchronous and synchronous KLV / STANAG metadata ingest from various sources, real-time image cropping and video scaling, Forward Error Correction streaming (FEC) and JITC compliant output streams.

With under 400g weight, 6.5W power consumption for HD or dual channel streaming and only 18 seconds from power-on to live IP stream – MGW Pico TOUGH is the ideal video encoder for any aerospace project, ground forces and manned/unmanned platforms needing low latency high quality video streaming.


  • Real-time IP streaming of HD/SD content for Situational Awareness (SA) from two sensors (analog/digital).
  • Situational Awareness (SA) video from ground and aircraft vehicles

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