VITEC - MGW Mosaic - HD and SD video feeds

VITEC - MGW Mosaic - HD and SD video feeds

MGW Mosaic

HD and SD video feeds


  • Input any combination of existing MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 H.264 SD and HD streams as source videos.
  • Easy to use GUI to allow configurable and flexible output layout.
  • Ability to show Audio meter on the screen for each feed.
  • Ability to monitor and alert video source freeze or black for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to monitor and alert audio loss, audio low level or audio peek.
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IPTV has become a common way of distributing video over a LAN or WAN without the added expense of dedicated coax video cabling or switching equipment. Using an existing IP Data network, video is now efficiently routed over many different forms of networks, regardless of the physical equipment. 

As efficient as Multicast video over IP is, there are still many areas where bandwidth constraints or computer horsepower still limit the ability to playback multiple video streams concurrently, on a single platform.

It isn’t enough to have powerful computers with multiple CPU's and expensive graphics hardware can decode and display multiple IPTV streams, even though the network bandwidth in the local area network (LAN) at the headquarters can support propagation of multiple streams to the client's computer. In order to scale viewing of multiple SD and HD streams, generating Mosaic layouts in a single multicast stream at the head-end is required. 

By having Mosaic IP streams with multiple HD or SD source streams transcoded - IPTV providers and Broadcasters can monitor a large number on TV channels in a single efficient stream, replacing legacy complicated systems of dedicated STB and TV monitor for each channels. 

MGW Mosaic was designed as a versatile IP Transcoding solution to handle the most challenging requirements of the Enterprise, Broadcasters and Military IPTV deployments. MGW Mosaic provides the ability to ingest multiple individual MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 video streams, combine and output them as a single MPEG4/H.264 transport stream and still maintain separation of the audio for each channel. Not only can the MGW Mosaic combine the individual streams, but it can also transcode the resultant stream down to different bitrates depending on the need and requirement to take full advantage of available network resources.


  • Deliver Multiple HD video feeds to underpowered legacy systems
  • Monitor a large number feeds for QoS purposes
  • Deliver Multiple HD feeds to a user on a Bandwidth limited connection
  • Deliver multiple HD and SD video feeds as single channel mosaic to STB

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