VITEC - IPTV Security and Stream Reflection - IP Stream Processing System

VITEC - IPTV Security and Stream Reflection - IP Stream Processing System
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IPTV Security and Stream Reflection

IP Stream Processing System


  • Encrypts incoming clear streams using AES 128/256 bit encryption
  • Support all common IPTV formats: MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC
  • Highly dense MPEG reflection - up to 50 streams in a 1-RU server or single virtual machine instance
  • Two-way processing: Multicast to Unicast and Unicast to Multicast
  • Ultra-low processing latency - less than 20 milliseconds per service
  • Supports AES Encrypted streams - eliminates the need to unlock feeds in distribution centers
  • Real-time SAP detection and announcement generation
  • Intuitive HTTP management interface for remote configuration
  • Converts Closed Captioning KLV meta-data to compliant MISB/STANAG KLV PID
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VITEC’s Ocaster™ is a professional IP stream processing system that enables organizations and IPTV operators to effectively perform stream reflection jobs, bridge between LANs and WANs, encrypt IPTV content and convert ISR metadata to KLV/STANAG compliant streams. The Ocaster MPEG processing system can handle up to 50 channels. It intercepts real-time IP traffic, reflects, encrypts and re-distributes in ultra-low delay without impacting the original stream or interrupting service while maintaining all source services such as critical geolocation, audio tracks, telemetry Cursor-On-Target (COT) and Key Length Value (KLV) metadata.

VITEC’s Ocaster bridges local area networks by repackaging selected multicast traffic through an enterprise network as unicast and sends it across WAN connections to one or more destinations. To enable private sessions or secure content to be shared with entities around the world, Ocaster can also be used to duplicate a single video stream to multiple unicast destinations.

Ocaster uses industry standard MPEG protocols that support playback options on all MPEG-compliant devices. It is fully compatible with third-party MPEG-2, MPEG-4 H.264 and HEVC (H.265) standard definition and high definition IPTV encoders, making it the optimal solution for real-time processing of any IPTV content. An advanced traffic shaping algorithm ensures Quality of Service (QoS) reflecting video payload on any network while maintaining consistent bandwidth utilization.


  • Apply AES encryption on cable/satellite TV content to securely distribute IPTV content from gateways to any IPTV client
  • Protect and secure private/classified video streams sent across the LAN and WAN
  • Bridge LAN sites over non-multicast WAN connections
  • Distribute multicast streams to multiple unicast recipients
  • Disseminate Full Motion Video (FMV) content with metadata to remote users
  • Convert incoming unicast sources to multicast for efficient distribution to LAN users
  • Bridge between physical networks using reflection between two distinct network adapters
  • Convert military video stream metadata from legacy platforms to MISB-compliant KLV streams

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