VITEC - Digital Signage - End-to-end, content-rich, dynamic Digital Signage

VITEC - Digital Signage - End-to-end, content-rich, dynamic Digital Signage
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Digital Signage

End-to-end, content-rich, dynamic Digital Signage


  • VITEC's Digital Signage End-Points feature dual discrete hardware processors for the ultimate TV experience:
    • Combining Full-HD videos, live IPTV streams, picture playlists, social media content,
    • Dynamically updating data such as Sports scores, meeting rooms and food catering databases
    • All using a small, PoE-enabled cost-effective video player appliance
  • EZ TV Sign Creator - Digital Signage authoring application that makes design and creation of engaging digital signs a breeze:
    • Supports a broad range of assets including videos, pictures, IPTV streams, social elements, sports scores, Integration with food catering providers and multiple layers of graphics
    • All meshed into highly dynamic signage content to be displayed on VITEC's IPTV/Digital Signage End Points
  • EZ TV Signage Director - Centrally manage signage content, marketing or HR campaigns, schedules and macros for:
    • Different type of events and venues
    • Integration with 3rd party data sources
    • real-time monitoring of all deployed end points and comprehensive logging and analytics
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EZ TV combines broadcast quality IPTV distribution with powerful Digital Signage capabilities into an all-in-one integrated platform. Designed to seamlessly integrate with any IT environment and run on all types of networks: LAN, WAN and Wireless - EZ TV can be rapidly deployed and is intuitive to operate and maintain for any sized project. This single point of management simplifies the complexity and costs associated with the initial deployment of an advanced IPTV, signage and dynamic video wall solution and ensures that the system is intuitive to operate, maintain, and scale up to constantly enhance the user experience.

Unlike other Signage solutions designed as stand-alone systems - EZ TV's Digital Signage software suite is tightly integrated with the IPTV Portal to form a powerful all-in-all platform that streamlines video and Signage work-flows, simplifies configuration and management and allows the operator to mix IPTV content with Signage on any display while maintaining highest broadcast quality and lowest latency.


  • Corporate TV and company communications
  • TV over IP - distributing Cable / Satellite TV / local channels
  • Situational Awareness video and dissemination of Tactical Full-Motion-Video (FMV)
  • RF Cable Replacement - cost-effective transition to TV over IP with VOD and Desktop Playback
  • Sports Arenas and Stadiums - management and distribution of live camera feeds, TV content
  • VOD assets and Digital Signage to TV's, mobile devices and PCs
  • Video Confidence and Real-Time Monitoring
  • Training and Education
  • Distribution of private content, live TV, 3rd party streams with virtual DVR and VOD features at Broadcast Centers
  • Powering large Video Walls using hardware-based processors that blend files and IPTV streams into a rich canvas

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