End-to-end IP video streaming and digital signage provides actionable, reliable and secure information transmission

VITEC’s IP streaming solutions give ultra-low latency and security the highest clearance from the field to headquarters

Today’s federal government and intelligence agencies require immediate access to video content to support their mission. Critical operations rely on live video streams, VOD content, digital signage, and emergency alerts in order to operate efficiently.

Military and Government Video Streaming

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Using VITEC Solutions, DVIDS enables bandwidth-efficient worldwide HD video feed contribution for Military and Government

“Thanks to MGW Ace Encoder solution and its high performance HEVC GEN2+ codec, we managed to drastically reduce the bandwidth required to transport more broadcast quality HD video for the DVIDS workflow. On top of video quality, we delivered a high level of Quality of Service thanks to the stream transport protection technology included in our solution.“

Richard Bernard
Product Manager

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Success Stories

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Fully Integrated Tactical IPTV Systems allow HQ to View, Archive, Disseminate & Manage ISR Video


VITEC’s innovative, end-to-end integrated FMV IPTV solution for the operations center that addresses these complex challenges by effectively capturing, storing and managing video and data from remote sources, and distributing FMV content and metadata across multiple network configurations.

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Military & Government Products


MGW Diamond is a small, power-efficient quad channel HEVC and H.264 HD/SD video encoder ideal for field-based applications with a powerful encoding engine. It packs all the needed capabilities for delivering any type of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) or Situational Awareness (SA) video generated by ground vehicles, manned or unmanned airborne platforms and marine vessels.

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TNP Series

Telemetry Network Processor series addresses the need for transmitting timing sensitive telemtry data over IP Networks in military, defense and industrial applications.

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FITIS is an integrated full motion video (FMV) solution for capturing, processing, archiving, indexing, managing and disseminating tactical ISR video and metadata. Designed for optimal distribution of IP video across LAN’s and WAN’s and in any network configuration, it provides efficient playback, sorting and retrieval of vital video assets, effectively exploiting live and recorded video assets to create actionable, real-time intelligence.

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