Deliver impactful video content to any device

Video Streaming – secure, streaming video anytime, anywhere

Online medical collaboration, for education and archiving, plus fast, low-latency IP communication capability

Video streaming solutions for medical communications

Medical IP Contribution

Secure, high-quality, low latency video streaming solutions for critical medical communications

Encode Decode Solution

VITEC’s portable encoding and streaming appliances deliver broadcast quality video with minimal latency at any bit rate, ideal for any video streaming or IPTV application, stationary or on location.

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Multi-Site Video Streaming

High quality and low latency ideal for both point-to-point streaming and two-way, interactive streaming

Multi-Site Video Streaming

Enterprise grade head end gear acquires any type of TV source and delivers broadcast-quality, secure video streams to TV’s, personal computers, laptops and smart devices.

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In-House TV over IP Distribution

VITEC’s In-House IPTV distribution makes migrating from legacy RF cable to IPTV easy

In-House TV over IP Distribution

The EZ TV platform and the wide range of IPTV encoders enable enterprise and corporate facilities to easily transition from legacy basic cable-based TV systems to a cutting-edge, cost-effective IPTV Solution using the existing IT network infrastructure.

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Video Archiving and Collaboration

Time saving features like visual search help meet important deadlines

EZ TV Media Library

Tag, edit, organize, store, and share images, videos and rich media for the entire enterprise in one central digital asset management solution. Media library allows interactive sharing with others on small projects, so media content can be shared, allowing for real-time online project collaboration.

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Custom Design & SDK

Video content arriving from a multitude of sources can be deployed rapidly to users throughout the organization, with minimal IT support.

VITEC Delivers End-to-End Digital Video Solutions for Industrial Development

VITEC delivers streaming video capabilities on internal networks that integrate seamlessly, providing OEM / SDK partnerships for video recording, streaming and analysis custom design. VITEC offers support for system integrators in the complete video technology workflow across many different industries from enterprise to medical.

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​​​​​​​VITEC’s Playout Server makes Contribution & Distribution Available Anytime, Anywhere

VITEC Playout Server

The VITEC Playout Server provides a central location where IPTV streams can be received and transmitted. VITEC’s Playout Server can receive unlimited Zixi™ protected streams from any network (including the internet) and forward them as a user defined multicast or unicast MPEG Transport Stream over UDP (UDP TS) or as a Zixi protected stream.

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Medical Solution Products

EZ TV IPTV Platform

Enterprise Grade IPTV & Digital Signage Platform delivers end-to-end solutions for live, on-demand HD /SD video to TV's, PC’s and mobile devices, for a secure, scalable cost-effective way to distribute video and display dynamic signs using their existing IP network.

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MGW Ace Encoder

The industry’s first 100% hardware-based HEVC portable device for encoding and streaming video. Powerful, yet compact, the revolutionary device features HEVC (H.265) bandwidth-efficient compression; improving performance with its lower data rates to give consumers faster and more economical digital video, while maintaining quality.

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MGW Prism

MGW Prism is the optimal solution for real-time IP video transcoding to all standard devices and players for the creation of broadcast quality multi-screen service. It can scale for any organization size to support internal applications or broadcasting to large audiences with full verified interoperability with all major CDNs.

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