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Multi Campus Live Streaming Solutions for House of Worship


VITEC’s scalable streaming solutions provide enhanced video delivery to truly engage your followers. Developed to meet the demands of large scale venues, VITEC’s live streaming solutions offer high quality, low latency HD video streaming for your live and recorded events. VITEC’s customizable and easy-to-use streaming video IPTV solution delivers perfectly synchronized A/V. For more information, see VITEC Solution Guide.

Enhance sermons, engage people and keep your audience enthralled with high quality multi-site HD offering an intuitive, powerful viewing experience in a multitude of formats to various video devices. VITEC delivers streaming video capabilities on internal networks that integrate seamlessly and use relatively little bandwidth.

Broaden your services and reach a larger audience by providing a live high quality shared video experience that everyone feels part of whenever and wherever they are!

Connect with your congregation using VITEC’s highly customizable streaming solutions with scalable and reliable delivery of the highest quality video across IP networks. Read more about VITEC's House of Worship Solution

VITEC’S Houses of Worship Solution Enables Flawless Dual-Channel Multi-Site Streaming

Cornerstone is a growing church committed to offering an inclusive community that unites our campuses with one message. VITEC’s Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution enabled us to flawlessly stream both of our camera feeds from our main campus to our remote sites. And utilizing the integrated time-slip and playback capabilities of the well-known Renewed Vision ProVideoServer, all the people who attend the services at our satellite campuses now have the same message and rich video experience that’s taking place at our main campus. VITEC not only met our budget criteria but our requirement for quality, which we weren’t willing to sacrifice.

Marty Sawyers
Cornerstone’s Executive Pastor

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VITEC IP Solution for Venues

The Bridge can ensure worshipers at both campuses experience the same live service simultaneously and shares high-quality HD video between the campuses.

IPTV Distribution

High Definition H.264 video, with ultra-low latency, live to monitors throughout the venue.


VITEC's Multi-Site Video Streaming Solution

With enhanced video delivery to truly engage your followers, VITEC provides a Multi-Site Streaming Solution for a balanced combination of high quality and low latency that is ideal for both point-to-point streaming and two-way, interactive streaming.




VITEC’s Portable Recording Solution

With exceptional video quality, reliability and ease of use, VITEC’s Portable Recording Solution are versatile, portable, H.264 standard and high definition recorders for workflows and applications requiring video quality and optimized video file sizes.