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End-to-end IP Video and Digital Signage Solutions for Federal and State Government Facilities


Today’s Federal government and intelligence agency’s require immediate access to video content to support their mission. Staffers and decision makers rely on live video streams, VOD content, digital signage, and emergency alerts in order to operate efficiently. Their video content can range from breaking news on cable networks, training video, commander briefings, live internal meetings, or important updates on daily events. Leveraging IPTV technology and digital signage over existing IP network capabilities allows desktop, set top box and mobile users access to real-time information they cannot operate without.

VITEC’s High Availability and Multi-Site Options Provide Government with Field Tested Reliability. VITEC supports clustering of multiple EZ TV servers providing failover in the event that a primary site goes down. Clustering makes it easy to scale and deploy EZ TV to multiple sites allowing automatic synchronization of settings and data between the HQ and edge sites. An optional IP Broadcast monitoring module can also be configured to provide administrators with tools needed to ensure users have access to mission critical video content. Analytics are also available providing information on user consumption of video assets. VITEC understands that government agencies need a flexible and scalable solution but also require as close to 100% uptime as possible. Read more about it in VITEC Solution Guide.

VITEC IPTV Solution Transmits Live Video and Data Streams for European Space Agency

The VITEC EZ TV IPTV Platform was the exact solution we (ESOC) were looking for. Our day-to-day operations are very demanding and constantly evolving based on new incoming information from our satellite feeds and changing user permissions and roles. With EZTV, we are not boxed into the capabilities of an IPTV product that is not scaled to our needs or robust enough to handle the constant demands of our video streams. VITEC’s powerful, reliable, and super quiet encoding appliances, IPTV experience, and customized rights management is seamless and dynamic.

Joerg Seifert
OCC Support Engineer
Telespazio VEGA Deutschland for ESOC
ESA, Darmstadt, Germany

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IPTV Streaming Solution for Air Force Academy

With VITEC’s comprehensive EZ TV IPTV streaming solution, the US Air Force's CCLD has tapped into a versatile tool that allows the organization to affordably record and distribute the video content.

Utah Air National Guard Use Case

Real-time information-sharing and collaboration helps the UAG to provide the Air Force's tactical airlift support and combat communications functions in the event of natural disasters or civil disturbance.



Enterprise Grade IPTV & Digital Signage Platform

VITEC’s comprehensive middleware platform manages all of the IPTV content on the network while providing an intuitive viewing experience to various user types. Administrators have full control over which users have access to content in addition to the ability to send emergency alerts. Users can view video streams in multi-window viewing grids or via set top box with a user experience they would expect at home.

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