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End-to-End IPTV Solution for Delivery of Live TV and Locally Generated Content to PC’s, TV’s and Mobile Devices


VITEC's IPTV digital video solutions can easily be tailored to each customer's unique markets, delivering easy-to-use technologies with high-quality low latency HD video.

Local users can watch external and locally produced content anytime, anywhere and on any device, from TV’s and computers to smart phones.

Our carrier grade solutions provide IPTV head-end architecture featuring advanced clustering capabilities with automatic fail-safe mechanisms that reduce upfront costs of purchasing large amounts of spare parts and ensure 99.999% up-time of critical services.

VITEC delivers streaming video capabilities on internal networks, that integrate seamlessly with any type of broadcasting system using relatively little bandwidth and are easy to deploy. Our highly customizable professional grade products manage a multitude of video devices and formats, offering an intuitive, powerful viewing experience. Read more about it in VITEC Solution Guide.

Live IP-Video Streaming Provides Excellent Quality, Low Delay and a Smooth Process

The VITEC solution selected for the congress had exhibited good test results in comparison to other brand products. Our choice was confirmed by the commentary of the keynote speaker, after he turned to the video screen and spontaneously expressed his enthusiasm in front of the assembled audience.

Stefan Pagenkemper, CEO 
Perfect Media Solutions GmbH

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EZ TV IPTV Streaming Platform for US Air Force Academy's CCLD

With VITEC’s comprehensive EZ TV IPTV streaming solution, the US Air Force's CCLD has tapped into a versatile tool to record and distribute the dynamic video content.

Enterprise - EZ TV System

With the corporate video processing and streaming system in place, the financial institution is now planning to upgrade from its legacy playout system to VITEC EZ TV System.


VITEC’s In-House IPTV Distribution Makes Migrating from Legacy RF Cable to IPTV Easy

With more than 450,000 IPTV clients deployed – VITEC’s award winning EZ TV IPTV System is the ideal solution for a smooth migration from hard-wired RF and QAM TV systems. VITEC provides an end to end solution for streaming IPTV content over LAN and WAN networks.