Engage the services of Support Engineer to assist with the on-site commissioning of your IPTV system.

Gain peace of mind from knowing that your system installation has been verified by one of our technical specialists.

Exterity solutions are installed by our network of approved channel partners and resellers. When the physical installation and initial setup are complete, a VITEC representative can visit the site to help complete the commissioning of the system. We will ensure the solution is configured optimally, make recommendations for fine-tuning and provide basic advice to the end user on use of the system.

The commissioning support will include
verification of the following as appropriate:

  • The network is correctly configured for an IP video system
  • AvediaStream Gateways and Encoders are configured to distribute the required channels and content on the network, and that these channels/content play back perfectly on all client devices
  • AvediaStream Media Players are set up optimally to play back the required channels and content, giving the correct user interface and are configured to interact correctly with the attached TV
  • IPTV middleware is set up optimally, enabling the required user interface functionality on all client devices*
  • ArtioSign is set up optimally, enabling creation and publishing of digital signage content*
  • AvediaServer is set up optimally, enabling control of all Exterity devices in the system
  • AvediaServer Video on Demand (VoD), Scheduled Play and Recording of content are correctly set up
  • AvediaStream Transcoders and Origin Servers are correctly configured to enable playback on mobile devices

* Note that IPTV middleware user interface design and ArtioSign digital
signage design do not come under the scope of Project Commissioning.
This is a separate service available from VITEC.
Please contact your reseller or VITEC representative for more information.