VITEC Background

A worldwide leader in end-to-end video streaming, VITEC’s solutions for broadcast, enterprise, government, military, and large-scale sports & entertainment venues are tailored to each customer’s unique workflow. At the core of every VITEC solution is a commitment to offer products with the lowest latency and most robust IPTV capability on the market.

Industry Leading Video Innovation

Founded in 1988 VITEC is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, archiving and streaming over IP. In 1992, VITEC developed the first MPEG-1 encoder for micro-computers and is continuing this legacy of innovation by leading the development of the newest VVC codecs (H.266).

Today, VITEC’s HEVC (H.265) with Gen2+ codec and H.264 class of products are the most extensive on the market for encoding and decoding devices:

  • 100% hardware based encode/decode solutions deliver the highest quality IPTV streams over satellite links, private networks and over the internet
  • PCIe cards with SDK, making us a world-class provider of Custom Design and OEM for high-performance video systems
  • Award-winning EZ TV solution that is a powerful suite of IPTV services for content management, digital signage, video archiving, and video wall processing




Innovation Inspired

We Dream Big

Innovation is the heartbeat of VITEC … it fuels us.

  • Strive to deeply understand customer challenges
  • Champion innovations that push our engineering knowledge
  • Deliver solutions greater than our customers could imagine

Team Culture

We Trust Teams to Lead

VITEC empowers teams to drive our market success.

  • Encourage employees to challenge themselves and each other
  • Employees are committed to customer satisfaction
  • We value the trust customers and technology partners have in us

Customer Driven

We Earn Confidence

The VITEC brand promise is to lead through innovation.

  • Build strong relationships by listening and striving to exceed expectations
  • Customers are advocates for VITEC to industry and ecosystem partners
  • We control the manufacturing process to ensure total product quality