VITEC Background

A worldwide leader in end-to-end video streaming, VITEC’s solutions for broadcast, enterprise, government, military, and large-scale sports & entertainment venues are tailored to each customer’s unique workflow. At the core of every VITEC solution is a commitment to offer products with the lowest latency and most robust IPTV capability on the market.

Industry Leading Video Innovation

Founded in 1988 VITEC is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, archiving and streaming over IP. In 1992, VITEC developed the first MPEG-1 encoder for micro-computers and has been innovating and leading the industry ever since.

Today, VITEC’s HEVC (H.265) with Gen2+ codec and H.264 class of products are the most extensive on the market for encoding and decoding devices:

  • 100% hardware based encode/decode solutions deliver the highest quality IPTV streams over satellite links, private networks and over the internet
  • PCIe cards with SDK, making us a world-class provider of Custom Design and OEM for high-performance video systems
  • Award-winning EZ TV solution that is a powerful suite of IPTV services for content management, digital signage, video archiving, and video wall processing

Committed to Leveraging our Engineering Talent

VITEC is an engineering-focused company that continues to design industry-leading video solutions and innovative new technologies that are transforming how companies use IP to enhance their video service offering. VITEC is committed to leveraging our engineering talent and technology experience to provide our customers and ecosystem partners with video innovations to turn their dream specifications into reality.