August 14, 2020

Mark Rushton, Business Development Director at VITEC, takes to the VITEC Channel to talk about maximising the quality of your video.

Video quality is about transmitting as many pixels of data to maximise the depth of image visible on screen.

To secure this level of quality ‘end to end’ when streaming, look at resolution or other aspects of bandwidth utilisation. It’s always best to consider how much bandwidth you can utilise and how much latency you can afford. This will allow you to determine the resolution and frame rate that you can use.

Many broadcasts use interlaced as well as progressive streams, but what’s right for you?

Quality is about individual choice. The important question to ask is: What is ‘quality’ to you and your viewers? The more pixels you have, the richer the quality of the video, but the more bandwidth utilised in transmission.

Utilisation of codecs enable you to transmit far higher quality imagery than possible in the past. But where does that leave you in your choice?

Optimising compression rate enables you to look your best. Long gone are the days where you have to sacrifice quality over transmission speed. With live streaming, you can get that high-quality image – even using unmanaged networks such as the internet.

Choosing the right encoder means you don’t have to make huge compromises on quality. VITEC manufactures products utilising codecs including H.264 and HEVC (H.265), providing low latency and maximising bandwidth limitations to allow you to produce the right image for your application.

Don’t sacrifice your quality – see what products are out there to look your best!

To find out more, join Mark Rushton on the VITEC Channel, where he discusses:

  • What is quality?
  • What resolution and frame rate can I use for my application?
  • The bandwidth, latency and quality triangle
  • How codecs – and the right streaming products – can help deliver quality

Watch ‘Quality – Tips for Looking Your Best

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