May 19, 2022

We debuted the latest broadcast quality openGear® (OG) card encoder, the MGW Diamond+ OG at the NAB SHOW, in Las Vegas, earlier this year.
This latest addition to VITEC’s high-quality encoding range is ideal for any contribution or point-to-point streaming application over IP within production studios and broadcast facilities. The highlight was winning the Emmy Award for video streaming and digital signage solutions. See last month’s post for details.

It’s been a long time since the last NAB, and we at VITEC are glad to be here and see such a fantastic turnout. We’ve added many things to our EZ TV IPTV platform, and, it really has transformed the entire broadcast industry. Bryan Reksten, VP of Marketing at VITEC speaks with Lane Cooper about what is happening in video technology at this year’s NAB 2022.

Broadcast sector’s not the only area in which we’re seeing innovative applications of IPTV to engage with other audiences, from entertainment and stadiums where you’re looking at the game and what the action going on in the game. Essentially, we’re providing an IPTV platform that’s very flexible and scalable. It can be used in many, many different environments.

In enterprise environments, corporate usage to communicate with your employees, training, have all hands broadcast, they can use the set top boxes to view the content, or employees can view it from their desktop. VITEC’s EZ TV platform digital signage is fully customizable, from transaction with a concession in a venue to communication in a live business environment.

We’ve integrated digital signage into a single platform. Having that signage is a way for corporate employers to communicate with employees, partners and customers. Digital signage applications can be used across many different platforms. Within a healthcare environment where someone’s walking into a hospital, walking into a healthcare facility, there’s screens everywhere, it gives

Also, at this year’s NAB 2022, VITEC received a technical Emmy award for our IPTV platform for newsrooms and production facilities. “This Emmy is a huge honor and a confirmation from the best minds in the broadcast industry that VITEC has a major impact in the television, news and media domains.

Special congratulations go to our EZ TV Platform team and the contribution they have had at VITEC, as well as each and every department in our company, for establishing us as the world’s top solution provider for IPTV Distribution for News and Media facilities,” says Eli Garten.

For IP video distribution in news and media facilities, the Award Committee looked at examples of some of VITEC’s key users of our solution. They learned how our middleware technology started as a basic single channel browser player for desktops, which we incepted back in 2006, and was quickly upgraded to a multi-channel browser player for Windows and Mac with set-top boxes and central management in 2007. The EZ TV platform has continued to evolve to a complete solution of user and content management, to any screen (Desktop, TV, Mobile, Video Wall), for local and remote users.

In the context of the IPTV Distribution Solution, VITEC’s EZ TV Platform has always been the gold standard, the ultimate solution and the most deployed and used technology by news and media companies. I am confident we will be able to maintain our leadership position for years to come.

The category VITEC won – ‘Management of IP Multicast Video Distribution to Desktop and TVs in News and Media Production Facilities’ – directly impacts the daily workflows of Broadcast operations, and the judges found our solutions and technologies had significant impact on users in the television space.

VITEC’s openGear Ecosystem is presented by Bill Cassidy, at NAB 2022. openGear is an open-architecture modular frame system supported by a diverse range of equipment manufacturers. Suitable to IP video projects, openGear, designed by Ross Video, delivers reliability and performance for continuous operation, with adaptive cooling, redundant power supplies and hot swappable capability. The platform offers the freedom to choose technology from a wide range of products for the broadcast, enterprise and military markets. VITEC provides IP encoding and decoding openGear cards to address dense IPTV applications such as remote production, contribution, distribution, full motion video and more. Visit… for more info.

last edited on: Thursday, August 4, 2022