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MGW Ace Decoder

Professional Portable HEVC & H.264 Decoder


VITEC Product Update – MGW Ace Decoder

VITEC is pleased to announce the release of a new firmware for the award winning MGW Ace Decoder - the professional grade, high performance IP decoding portable appliance.

This new release includes:

  • H.264 Decoding: In addition to HEVC/H.265 support, the MGW Ace Decoder now supports H.264 4:2:2 10bits decoding (up to 1080p60). The MGW Ace Decoder can now be used in a versatile environment where HEVC and H.264 support is required.
  • Zixi™ Stream Forwarding: Capture and decode a Zixi-protected stream over baseband video (SDI/HDMI/Composite) and forward it to your network over LAN for IPTV distribution. The forwarded stream is a standard UDP TS unicast or multicast stream for best compatibility.
  • Zixi™ Statistics: MGW Ace Decoder is now able to provide detailed network information to easily and successfully set up a Zixi point-to-point link from Zixi enabled VITEC encoders or from a Zixi Broadcaster.

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To update your MGW Ace Decoder, contact VITEC Technical Support or your nearest VITEC Sales Office to speak with a representative.