VITEC is a market-leading provider of IPTV, video streaming
and digital signage solutions that harness the power of video
to engage, empower and evolve.

Industry Leading Video Innovation

VITEC has steadily grown to meet the tremendous demand for enterprise IP video distribution. We have broadened our product and solution portfolio to be a leader in the development of video streaming and encoding, and now offer a suite of IPTV services to support any enterprise network deployment. VITEC has also expanded through strategic acquisitions over the years, including Focus Enhancements and Optibase and, most recently, Exterity, a leading IPTV and digital signage provider across Europe, the Middle East and APAC.

Founded in 1988 VITEC is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, archiving and streaming over IP. The award-winning IPTV platform is a powerful suite of services for content management, digital signage, video archiving, viewer experience and video wall processing. Our encode/decode solutions are 100% hardware based, including PCIe cards with SDK for custom design or OEM for high-performance video systems.

  • 100% hardware based encode/decode solutions deliver the highest quality IPTV streams over satellite links, private networks and over the internet.
  • PCIe cards with SDK makes VITEC a world-class provider of custom design and OEM for high-performance video systems.
  • Award-winning EZ TV solution is a powerful suite of IPTV services for content management, digital signage, video archiving, and video wall processing.
  • Making a difference with green initiatives, VITEC is the first Zero Carbon MPEG company and encourages customers to buy GreenPEG for continued environmental efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.


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