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VITEC’s comprehensive HEVC product offering includes encoders and streaming appliances, IPTV decoding appliances,

video portal for distribution, archiving and playback; and desktop and mobile video players in addition to PCI cards

with SDK for integration projects. Next-generation HEVC / H.265 compression reduces network bandwidth by up to

50% compared to H.264.

VITEC offers the world’s first all-hardware HEVC ISR encoding system ingesting tactical video, aircraft, and sensor

metadata to create a network-efficient HEVC MISB-compliant IP stream. The industrial-grade design combined with

the low-power consumption allows high-quality full-motion video streams to be delivered from the field through the

most constrained network links. The secondary H.264 compression core allows government and military forces to deploy

the next-generation ISR encoding solution while continuing to support legacy end points and older IPTV receive suites.

Increase Picture Quality and Details Using the Same Bandwidth

H.264 / AVC - 1080p @ 1.5Mbps

H.265 / HEVC - 1080p @ 1.5Mbps