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MGW Ace Encoder features next-generation HEVC (H.265) compression reduces network bandwidth by up to

50% compared to H.264. It supports both HEVC and H.264 - built for the future without losing support for legacy

receivers and decoders. MGW Ace provides user-intuitive web management software and high quality streaming

to desktop, TV and mobile devices over limited bandwidth.

Covering an event or for sensitive applications, MGW Ace Decoder is designed to always provide the best possible

viewing experience and never miss a single frame. When paired with MGW Ace Encoder, the set provide a

bandwidth efficient artifact-free video streaming solution over any network including the internet. With its unique

flexible 4K capable FPGA architecture, MGW Ace Decoder is a future proof solution and ensures multi-site live

streaming on private or public networks.

MGWAce: Portable HEVC Encoder and Decoder Solution