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EZ TV is Key to VITEC’s In-House IPTV Distribution System

EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform distributes live video content from various sources including cable,

satellite, off-air TV channels and locally-generated private video. The EZ TV Server Administration interface is

used to map all available streams and for establishing customizable channel lineups for different users and

groups within the organization.


Users enjoy a professional TV experience with

VITEC’s IPTV set-top-boxes and are able to

access content with the EZ TV browser player

from any laptop or desktop computer, or with

the EZ TV Mobile Player app for iOS and

Android devices. Create eye-catching digital

signs on monitors in public areas and other

locations in the campus using the same

set-top-boxes which can act as powerful Digital

Signage content end-point players. Remote

employees and users in satellite offices can

access EZ TV IPTV services with VITEC’s

secondary stream EZ TV Clustering capabilities.