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The Enterprise Grade IPTV and Digital Signage Platform offers the most advanced IPTV experience with live streaming,

on-demand video, digital recording, mosaic player, time-shifted TV and customizable look-and-feel. EZ TV content

security and user-access controls are certified by military units and broadcasters for local and multi-site applications.

VITEC’s EZ TV Digital Signage module uses hardware-based powerful end-points to deliver eye-catching digital content

with dynamic data and full HD IPTV content - all managed from a centralized server. The EZ TV platform and the wide

range of IPTV encoders enable enterprise and corporate facilities to easily transition from legacy basic cable-based TV

systems to a cutting-edge, cost-effective IPTV Solution using the existing network infra-structure. Highly reliable

head-end gear acquires any type of TV source and delivers broadcast-quality, secure video streams to TV’s, personal

computers, laptops and smart devices.