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Record, Store, Stream

VITEC’s Portable Recording Solution offers the most important components for video professionals: exceptional video quality, reliability and ease of use.

Highly versatile, VITEC’s Focus FS-H50/60/70 are portable, H.264 standard and high definition recorders for workflows and applications requiring video quality and optimized video file sizes.

Lightweight, clips can be instantaneously shared or uploaded to networks or video platforms for sharing and collaboration, without transcoding.

  • Easy to use & versatile
  • Portable and reliable appliances
  • High quality video recordings up to 1080p
  • Clips compatible with popular decoding platforms

VITEC's Custom Recording Solution Saves Time for Summit Church in DC

Summit Church can now enjoy an easier, more reliable and efficient workflow for archiving, so they don’t have to take the extra step to convert, saving time while maintaining exceptional quality video.

House of Worship

VITEC's Portable Recording Solution saves time and storage space for Houses of Worship with video compression of the recorded services and easily allows the use of recorded footage for editing, archiving and sharing. See VITEC Solution Guide.

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VITEC's Portable Recording Solution Appliances


Focus FS-H50/60/70 Portable Recorders are sleek and durable, no bigger than a deck of cards


VITEC's Portable Video Recorders for a Wide Range of Professional Applications



VITEC's FS-T2001 makes managing video content and distributing it a snap