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Video Solutions from IPTV Systems to Media Asset Management & Archiving


IPTV has become a popular way of distributing video over a LAN or WAN without the added expense of dedicated coax video cabling or switching equipment. VITEC's IPTV System deploys end-to-end solutions for high quality video delivery, recording and management of live and on-demand video over IP Networks.

VITEC's User-Friendly interface design enables Media Asset Management to enhance your workflow. Efficient MAM enables organizations to efficiently and securely edit, archive, and share valuable media assets both within an organizations and with credentialed third parties. VITEC archiving solutions provide the top quality high-end equipment you need. Manage NLE Projects with an Intuitive UI or Integrate Tactical IPTV system Data for ISR FMV.

Video Management
IPTV SolutionsMedia Asset ManagementArchiving

IPTV Solutions


Delivery, Recording and Management of Live and On-demand Video over IP Networks

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Media Asset Management


User-Friendly Interface Enables Managing Media Assets to Enhance Your Workflow

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Archiving Solutions


Manage your projects with an Intuitive UI or Integrate Tactical IPTV system Data for ISR FMV

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