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VITEC Video Ingest Stations and Media Capture Solutions


Media capture and encoding solutions for up to four channels of SD or HD content with integrated user interface and metadata tag setup and logging during capture (with preview). Video Ingest Stations simultaneously capture up to 4 channels (one channel per card) with customizable encoding bit rates and scheduled recording options. VITEC's video ingest stations are fully integrated with and upload to Proxsys Media Asset Management systems featuring touch screen applications and support. VITEC video ingest stations have optimized user interface for ingest management and multichannel HD/SD flexibility. Ingest stations also provide high speed encoding for live ingest Standard file formats and high quality hardware-based compression.

Media Capture Solution
Monisys MC

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Featured Product: Monisys MC- Series

Monisys MC-Series is a simple to use solution for capturing and encoding up to four channels of SD or HD content at high quality. Monisys MC-200, based on the VITEC VMC-7440 HD capture board, captures SD/HD-SDI content and encodes it at user-selectable H.264 bit rates optimized for AVCHD or AVCIntra workflows. For XDCAM/XDCAM EX environments, Monisys MC-100 encodes to MPEG-2 formats.

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