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Live Event IP Streaming, Media Logging, Monitoring and Recording Solutions


Flexible recording solutions for stream recording, 24-7 media logging for scheduled TV program monitoring and recording, security and integration with 3rd party video management systems. Typical applications are video recordings for training purposes, medical / psychological sessions or the fulfillment of juridical recording/video logging demands. The streams are either generated by IP streaming cameras or by external streaming encoders, such as the MGW Nano or MGW Premium, while the Android tablet user interface (optional Rich Client Desktop application) offers preview of live or recorded content and Live-PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) functionality.

Network Video Recorders
Monisys MLMonisys MX/MR-SeriesSylon NVR

Monisys ML Network Recorder



Featured Product: Monisys MX/MR-Series

Monisys MX/MR IP Recorder is designed as a flexible recording solution for stream recording. Typical applications are training recordings, medical / psychological sessions or law enforcement. Streams are either generated by IP streaming cameras or by external streaming encoders (e.g. MGW Nano or MGW Micro Premium). The Android Tablet UI ( optional Rich Client Desktop application ) offers live or recorded video preview and live PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) functionality.

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Network Video Recorder Solutions

Monisys ML


24/7 or Scheduled Media Logging


Sylon NVR


Network Video Recorder Sylon NVR