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Professional Portable Recording Solutions, Ingest & Network Video


VITEC provides and ensures the best recording video quality, delivering an excellent recorder with easy to use advanced features. Portable recorders address a large range of applications from broadcasters to video photographer enthusiasts with the same goal every time: quality video that is reliable and easy to use.

From internet video to broadcasting Electronic News Gathering (ENG) applications, VITEC's Network Video Recording systems provide live event IP streaming, media logging, monitoring and recording solutions that work for training purposes, medical / psychological sessions or the fulfillment of juridical recording/video logging demands.

VITEC Video Ingest Stations and Media Capture Solutions provide high speed encoding for live ingest standard file formats and high quality hardware-based compression.

Portable Video RecordersNetwork Video Recorders, Video Ingest Stations

Portable Video Recorders


Compact, Professional Recorders Offer a Wide Range of Inputs and Resolutions

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Network Video Recorders


Live Event IP Streaming, Media Logging, Monitoring and Recording Solutions

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Video Ingest Stations


Media capture and encoding solutions for up to four channels of SD or HD

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