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Professional Series of Portable HEVC and H.264 Encoding and Streaming Appliances


VITEC’s portable encoding and streaming appliances deliver broadcast quality video with minimal latency at any bit rate. The industrial-grade construction combined with VITEC’s 100% hardware processing make the family of compact encoders ideal for any video streaming and IPTV application, stationary or in the field.

Advanced features include hardware-based video scaling, real-time image cropping, motion stabilization and AES encryption. Metadata processing includes Cursor-On-Target, MISB KLV and STANAG 4609 – enabling the use of the low latency HD/SD encoders in various Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications on the ground, in the air and at the sea.

For streaming over public networks or over unmanned network links - VITEC’s portable encoders feature SMPTE-2022 Pro-MPEG Forward-Error Correction (FEC) and the revolutionary Zixi™ technology that delivers error-free, secure streaming over networks with up to 30% of packet loss.

VITEC’s family of portable encoders combine exceptional video quality, low latency hardware compression and an industrial design with diverse options for form factor and connectivity options to meet the ever-changing challenges of streaming video anywhere, anytime.

Portable Encoders
MGW SprintMGW PremiumMGW NanoMGW PicoMGW FlashStreamer, MGW Ace

VITEC Portable Encoding Solution Provides Reliable Live Streams of Historic US Presidential Visit to Cuba

Using VITEC’S MGW Ace and MGW D265 solution, our transmission of President Obama’s visit in Cuba was a complete success. Tropical storms shortly after the President’s arrival in Havana disrupted the transmissions of traditional satellite providers, keeping several global networks off the air. We had error-free continuous coverage and were able to meet our clients’ needs because of the reliability of the VITEC streaming solution.

Simon Marks
President of FSN
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Featured Product: MGW Ace

MGW Ace is the world's first H.265 & H.264 hardware encoder in a professional-grade, low footprint, compact streaming appliance. With real-time 100% hardware HEVC compression, MGW Ace enables users to stream broadcast quality 1080p video with up to 50% bandwidth savings compared to today's H.264 standards.

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Professional Series of Portable H.264 Encoding and Streaming Appliances

MGW Premium


MGW Premium is a high-density, portable multi-channel MPEG-4 H.264 Encoding & streaming appliance


MGW Nano


Rugged, compact encoding and streaming appliance with superb HD and SD H.264 AVC compression quality up to full HD 1080p


MGW Pico


World's smallest professional HD H.264 encoder with HD/SD-SDI and Composite inputs with less than 65 millisecond encoding latency


MGW Sprint


IP Video with no visible delay - fastest professional-grade H.264 HD codec